A Family Business

At it's heart Black's is a family business, run in partnership by Matthew and his mother, Kay.  The doors first opened in Halton in the summer of 2012 and Black's quickly earned a reputation for providing excellent fish & chips.  Quality and consistency are their watchwords!

Within a few months they received the National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award, and have been steadily collecting local and national accolades ever since.

In addition to top notch fish and chips, Black's has also become known for supporting the local community.  They sponsor the local junior football club, provide raffle prizes for the primary school, Women's Institute and gardening club, and have conducted fundraisers on behalf of charities such as CancerCare and the RNLI Lifeboats.



Our Fish

We source Haddock and Cod based on a golden combination of sustainable fishing practices and high standards of quality and freshness.  That way you get to enjoy incredibly delicious seafood, and enjoy a clear conscience knowing that the fish stocks it came from are properly managed and conserved.

You'll find the name of the boat (or its operator) that caught your fish displayed prominently on the blackboards in our chippy.  

Our Potatoes

Potatoes are seasonal, and we work in partnership with a Lancashire potato merchant to find  the best frying spuds for any given time of year.  Our chips are cut at a thicker grading, which reduces the oil absorbed during cooking, making for a healthier meal every time.

You'll find the name of the current spud species we're harvesting, and where its come from, displayed prominently on the blackboards in our chippy.

Our Packaging

Your fish & chips are presented in an environmentally friendly biobox, manufactured from sugarcane pulp.  As well as being a fantastic product for keeping your meal hotter and drier than its polystyrene cousins, these bioboxes are fully biodegradable and compostable.  (In fact some of our customers use them as planters for seedlings!)