Halton Skatepark

Photo of Mark Kendall, taken by Callum Beattie.  Click for source.

Photo of Mark Kendall, taken by Callum Beattie.  Click for source.

Halton's concrete bowl skatepark is one of the village's star attractions.  Built by Maverick Skateparks back in 2011, the facility has proved itself to be popular with skate boarders, roller bladers and BMX riders alike.  The skatepark is cleverly designed with two main bowls, the larger of which is wrapped around a central pyramid, making the experience much more like skating in a three bowl park.  The second bowl is deeper and narrower, making it both more challenging, and more suitable for flips and stunts.  The park is smooth and fast, with plenty of transitions, two spines and a manny pad.  To get more of a perspective of the park from a riders point of view, pay a visit to the Facebook group, Halton Skatepark Local Riders Group.


The skatepark is free of charge to use and is open to the public 24 hours a day.  The park is popular and attracts people of all ages.  During the school holidays very young children can be seen loaded down with helmets and crash pads giving the ramps the first try.  The bigger kids are generally very patient and give way to the younger ones 9 times out of 10.  For the most part it is the older kids and teenagers who frequent the skatepark, although it isn't uncommon to see adult boarders or BMXers grinding away during school hours.  

Halton bowl skatepark is managed by the village centre, which provides ample parking, a cafe and toilets immediately adjacent to the skatepark.  The site also boasts an adventure playground, a kiddies play park, a large open green and an enclosed multi-purpose sports pitch.  See the centre@Halton's tripadvisor page for reviews.

The park is close to local bus routes, and easily accessible by car. ( ...oh and there is a great chippy on the High Road, only 5 mins walk away!)

Halton Skate Park, Low Road, Halton, LA2 6NH